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Sunset Studios has produced countless worldly successful short films for a variety of purposes and companies. Some of which have been selected and screened at many international film festivals around the globe.

Where the roses grow blue

A short film about a girl who must decide whether to keep her mask and preserve her anonymity in a dangerous and terrifying world, or remove her mask and be free but vulnerable.

Official Selection at: Beliff, Marina Del Rey, Short & To The Point Film Festivals as well as others.


A short fairytale about a young, radioactive boy named Jeremy who finds the love of his life, but if he ever is to touch her, she will surely die.

My touch & go

A short film/opening to the feature of 'My Touch & Go'. Based on the novel by Vida Heard of England/South Africa.

The opening chapter to the story of her adventures around the globe, and traumas involving the Nazi's as well as many other heart wrenching antagonists and situations.

The knife of brian

A short comedy film about a French, vegetarian knife called Brian - a pacifist who's forced into a murderous situation.

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Nothing is ever for sure. Our rates are dependant on each individual project/production, so of course we can adjust our rates to make sure we can help you as much as we possibly can.

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Not relevant.

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Everyone. Especially those interested in Film!

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You can reach us via email at or by phone on (+44) 77809 72640. Alternatively, go to the contact us page to see more. There's a link just below.

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We don't believe in boundaries. We operate in whichever country your project/production needs. We are world travellers, and also have editing bases in London and Cornwall.

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