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Sunset Studios has produced countless worldly successful short films for a variety of purposes and companies. Some of which have been selected and screened at many international film festivals around the globe.

MY lovers eye

Written by Samuel Siegel

A lonesome, insecure business man accidentally wonders into a parallel dimension. A gritty artistic world hidden under the shadows of a towering metropolis.

What at first seems like his personalised version of hell... a bustling melting pot of action, sex, drugs and mischief turns out to be heaven on Earth. However heaven is only for the dead. But if he is to leave, he can never come back.

Adventure people

Written by Samuel Siegel

A story of love and adventure. The Adventure People measure their journeys through life with no bounds. They conquer the places unexplored. They queue with the patience of a thousand buffalos waiting for water.

The perfect couple choose a destination. It's somewhere far away, and they plan to travel there. However due to unfortunate and unexpected circumstances the couple are separated by huge distance. They must get back to each other before their co-existant minds disintegrate into lumps of useless mush and despair.

Frequently asked questions

What is Sunset Studios? 

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Are there any discounts?

Nothing is ever for sure. Our rates are dependant on each individual project/production, so of course we can adjust our rates to make sure we can help you as much as we possibly can.

Does it work on iPhones?

Not relevant.

Who is it for?

Everyone. Especially those interested in Film!

How can I reach you?

You can reach us via email at info@sunsetstudiosfilm.com or by phone on (+44) 77809 72640. Alternatively, go to the contact us page to see more. There's a link just below.

Do you have international support?

We don't believe in boundaries. We operate in whichever country your project/production needs. We are world travellers, and also have editing bases in London and Cornwall.

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Reach us at info@sunsetstudiosfilm.com
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