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With a team of experienced producers and creators, and a commitment to filmmakers and stories that really make a difference. Our aim is to work with strong industry partners to reach international audiences on high quality projects.

Our obsession with documenting the fine intricacies of life borders insanity.

Cabaret Berlin

Meet Cabaret Berlin.
A performance group, the likes of which Truro has never seen before.

Directed by Samuel Siegel


A short documentary about an artist who takes her inspiration from the soul and the heart.

Directed by Samuel Siegel

Badman Barlow
- mockumentary

This is a mockumentary we made about a notorious figure in the South West called Badman Barlow.

It's a curious study into the nature of the West Country's youth.

Life in an esso

A short observational documentary about life working in an Esso.

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